Google API Key Error: API Key invalid or can`t get response from Google Fix #3

1. Log in to

Make this 1st Google cloud billing account with INR mode here you won't find any option you are bound to follow the respective currencies worldwide Google supports. So you have to make this account to go for the next important step.

2. After doing this you go to dashboard billing and create one more billing account and this time while filling the info below you will find Google Cloud billing/ Google map Billing, here is the trick you have to choose the Google map billing and proceed in India its USD don’t know for other countries and all set and done then after payment it will ask for your card details ( Not number or pins and all) and some verification too, then in few hours your account will be active in some case it doesn’t ask too and gets activated instantly.

3. The most important part is to make the project connect to your map billing account to select the APIs you need to enable them then generate a single API that’s what is required anywhere for normal maps.

Few points to be noted
1. You should have a Gmail account that you want to associate to billing it can be any account not particular to your company or organization
2. You should have a valid credit card that can auto debit Google’s bill. This means you pay monthly Netflix which auto-debits from your account.

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