Google API Key Error: API Key invalid or can`t get response from Google Fix #1

Don't have a Debit/Credit Card that is Accepted by Google Map Platform

  • Indian users are facing this issue of not having a Debit/Credit card which is acceptable by Google Map Platform - Which is because of the RBI guidelines of not allowing recurring payments
  • I have resolved this issue by opening an account in Kotak Bank - India
  • In Kotak Bank, they will open an account without any deposit at 0 charges
  • They will do all the process of verifying the users & all virtually, so you don’t need to go anywhere
  • They will provide the Virtual Debit card also which is acceptable via Google Maps Platform

People are setting up account in Google Cloud Platform
- I also did this mistake where my card is accepted in Google Cloud Platform & I was trying to get the access but one needs to keep in mind that after getting separate platform of Google Maps we don’t need to add card in Google Cloud Platform we just to need to add it in Google Maps & enable all APIs needed

Changing Currency
- Indian Users won’t face any issue in changing currency to USD when they will add card to Google Maps Platform because it accepts USD without any problem

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