Google Leads Location Error: This Page Can't Load Google Maps Correctly

If you encounter this under Find Leads > Google Leads.

It only means you didn't enable billing in your Account. Please enable billing to get $300 Free Credits from Google.

This is needed in order for the Lead Generation Feature (Google Leads) to work properly.

Access Google API Console Here

How to Generate API Key & Enable Google Cloud Billing for LeadsGorilla

Because some of you had questions after watching the video instructions about generating the two API keys & enabling the billing on Google Cloud, we decided to create an easy-to-follow PDF guide that will walk you guys through every step.

In the steps that follow, we will enable Google Places APIGoogle Maps JavaScript API, Maps Static API, PageSpeed Insights API, and Custom Search API. Then, we will generate 1 (ONE) API key that will be used by LeadsGorilla.

In order for this to work, we’ll also need to enable Billing for the LeadsGorilla project in order to get the free $300 Cloud credits.

Here is the full step by step instructions with what you need to do:

  • Go to the Google Cloud Platform (here), click the Hamburger menu, and click on Billing. Then, click on Create Account.

Note: If you already have a billing account enabled in your GCP account, skip the first 4 steps of this guide but make sure to attach your billing at step 6.

  • Enter the Name, Country, and Currency before clicking on Confirm.


  • Next, leave the account type as Individual and enter your Name & address. Then, set up the Payment method and click on Submit & Enable billing.

image \(11\).png
Note: After you enable billing, you will receive $300 worth of credit. If you don’t abuse the search function of the software, you will never get charged a dime.

  • Click the Hamburger menu again and click on Home > Dashboard.

image \(12\).png

  • Access the Select a project drop-down menu and click on New Project.

image \(13\).png

  • Name your project Leadgorilla360 and click Create. Then, wait for the process to complete (it might take 3-4 minutes)

image \(14\).png

  • Once the project is created, click on the action button and click on Home > Dashboard. Next, click on Select a project, choose LeadsGorilla, and click Open.

image \(15\).png

  • Click the hamburger menu (top-left corner) and choose APIs & Services > Library from the left panel.

image \(16\).png

  • Search for Places API, click the result, then click Enable.

image \(17\).png

  • Repeat the same process(steps 8 and 9), but this time search for & enable Maps JavaScript APIMaps Static API, Custom Search API and PageSpeed Insights API.

image \(18\).png

image \(19\).png

image \(20\).png

image \(21\).png

  • Click the hamburger menu again and then choose APIs & Services > Dashboard. Once you get there, click on Credentials > Create Credentials.

image \(22\).png

  • Next, from the newly appeared menu, click on API Key and wait for your key to be generated.

image \(23\).png

  • Click On the Copy icon to copy the API key to your clipboard

image \(24\).png

  • Finally, return to your Leadsgorilla dashboard(here), click on API keys (top-right corner) scroll down to the bottom of the page and paste the newly generated API key inside the box. Finally, click Save API Keys.

image \(25\).png
That’s it! You are now ready to generate leads and use every feature available inside Leads Gorilla!

image \(26\).png
Note: You need to have a valid credit card to be able to complete this setup. There is NO workaround for this.

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