Google API Key Error: API Key invalid or can`t get response from Google Fix #2

NOTE: You need to have a valid credit card to be able to continue with this setup.

Google Made some changes recently and restricted billing accounts coming from India, Pakistan, and a few other countries from that region.

Fortunately, there is a quick and easy fix to resolve this issue.

You can resolve this problem by changing the default Billing Currency from INR (or your local currency) to USD. This way, Google should allow you to enable billing and use it in LeadsGorilla.

In order to do this, please contact Google support for assistance on this matter:

If you don't want to wait, you might also be able to do this manually:

To do this, access your Google Cloud Platform and go to Billing > Overview and see if your account is in INR or PKR.

image \(27\).png

In case it's set to INR or USD, you need to create a new Billing account and set the currency to USD. TO do this, go to Billing, click on Create Account. Next, set a name for your new billing account and select a Country in which the Currency is set to USD (the majority of countries have USD as their default currency).

image \(28\).png

Next, fill up the remaining information and click on Submit and Enable Billing to create the new account.

Once the new USD billing account is created, go to Billing, select your original IRN billing account, then go to Account Management and click on the action button associated with the LeadsGorilla / Mapify360 project. From then, click Change Billing, then select the USD billing account that you've just created.

image \(30\).png
After you do this, go to the project,  copy & paste the API key into our software once again and the issue should now be resolved.

More information on changing the protect billing settings here:

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