Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use Leads Gorilla on multiple devices?

    LeadsGorilla is a cloud-based software that is accessible via the internet and web browser. You can definitely use LeadsGorilla on different devices but we do not recommend using it across multiple devices at the same time. If you do this, here's a scenario of what might happen: User1 generate...
  • Does it work on my country?

    Yes! LeadsGorilla works worldwide. It doesn't matter where you are. As long as you have access to the internet and a browser, you can use LeadsGorilla anytime & anywhere.
  • Do you have a guarantee?

    We offer a 30-days money-back guarantee! You can try it out for as long as 30-days to see if our software is a good fit for your needs. If you don't feel like our software can help you, just send us a ticket with your order # and we'll process your refund!
  • How will I receive my access?

    We send the email with the login details as soon as the payment is made, but sometimes that email ends up in the junk folder. Please open up your email box and check each email category (Inbox/Update/Promotion/Forums) for the email with the Login details. It’s also possible that the email ended...
  • Will Google charge me for using API?

    Initially Google Cloud Platform (GCP) gives you a $300 free credit buffer specifically for maps API usage. When the free trial expires, google gives $200 monthly free credit instead. These credits will be used before GCP starts billing you for API usage. Please take note that you would need to u...